Join da Revolution; No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!!!

Hello People,

This gonna be a long read. However, If you are dedicated to da cause of a keeping a No FascistUSA then please keep reading.

Come join me by  Standing  UP and joining da revolution of Resistance!!!     Here are ways you in which can take part in our revolution.  Because this revolution is OURS, both Yours and mine.  Wherever you may be and whoever you are, join us by Hitting da streets and marching and or using social media, its a powerful tool!! We need Your VOICES!

Go to  their Natl. Phone: 917.407.1286 Local DC line: 213.804.1811 call ’em, Get involved. Meet up with them to continue our presence in da streets of DC. No FascistUSA McPherson Square, I & 15th NW 4PM EST EVERYDAY They have FREE high-res downloadable materials which they’ve made available on their site for FREE non-commercial use!  If you can Please Donate to Thank you.

There is a also another great Facebook page: ran by a fabulous Bay area based youth group who on their site show you how to EFFECTIVELY use social media for activist work.  Starting TODAY Thursday January 19th No shopping be it physical brick & mortar shops or online, No school & classes, No work, WALKOUT!  On Friday  January 20th wear ALL Black! Organize your family, contacts, folks at your churches, masjids, places of worship, study groups, in your prayer/meditation groups, senior centers, college/university campuses, community centers,union halls,  gyms, schools, meeting halls, work places, in your ‘hoods WHEREVER You go take da CAUSE WITH You.  Don’t leave home without it pressing hard on your mind. Believe me, Trump and his band of Fascists, and BOTH US Houses which are majority Republican are pressing down hard on US da american people. Whether you’ve voted for that bastard or not!  He is coming for YOUR ACA healthcare aka Obamacare along with other hard-won benefits!  To you Trump voters, Buyer’s Remorse is a bastard!  Since January 3rd. Those psychotic demons have passed MANY treacheous bills, most of them at 1AM at night, to undermind the ACA along with the many Freedoms of ALL Americans be you native or immigrant of undocumented status!  Go to and type in your republican congressperson’s name.  Da ugly truth won’t be kind and tickle your eyes with mentally-digestible lies!  Don’t readily trust any politician be they Democrat, Independent, Socialist, Republican, Green Party, etc … regardless which side of da they sit on!  Make them EARN your trust by their performance record IN Washington DC!  Politely inform them of THAT cold fact! Be CONSISTENT in making your presence known to their staff in their Washington DC and at their local office, da one in your city or town.  Have your facts succinctly put together for brevity sake when approaching these folks.  You should be able to ask any question in under 15 seconds!  First Practice in front of a mirror.  Because they, politicians, live by da CLOCK.  Time is very important in their busy world. Be succinct and brief but effective.  Then they will then KNOW that You are serious and will treat you as such!  We are in this situation for da entire round trip!

Tell ’em and anyone else with ears and good sense to understand. Do NOT waste your time or energy arguing with Trumpettes aka Trump supporters!  However do not allow them to bully or harrass you.   “We ain’t feelin Trump & his racist misogynistic fascist madness!”  “No Trump, No KKK, No FascistUSA!” Shout that shit LOUD & ALL day EVERYDAY. Make bumper stickers, decals, T-shirts, graphics/mems, write spoken-word at Poetry Def Slams, haiku, coffee mugs, handouts, donuts, cupcakes, buttons, use your imagination get creative!  Add your OWN!!!  “We da people ain’t hearing nor feelin any of Trump’s bullshit!!

If you agree Share, comment, cut & copy & paste! Join da Revolution!!! 

See ya on da frontlines or and on @HarloweRayne at Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!!!  Please Share go to  They are da courageous bold-ass folks who are setting Washington, DC on its ears!  Meet up with da NoFascistUSA folks down at McPherson Square, I & 15th NW  in Washington, DC at 4PM EST EVERYDAY!  Here is their site addy;  Phone numbers Nation line: 917.407.1286 Washington DC line: 213.804.1811

Also support da Womens March who will be marching in Washington, DC Saturday January 21st.  Here is a link to their site; On Saturday we need a strong no-bullshit-taking physical presence regardless of your gender, to march along with our Sisters, when they hit da streets of Washington, DC on Saturday January 21st. Because Trump has “alerted” a motorcycle thug-club called “Bikers for Trump” and possibly other similar lowlifes, who intend to harrass da women on Saturday!  Trust me there will be other trouble-makers amongst da crowd, on da creep who are out to make trouble for da women and to bismirch the entire Anti-Trump movement.  But We aint having ANY of that shit!  Please BE ALERT!  Pair up with or and if possible stay with a trusted buddy or more for da duration of da march and your stay in DC if possible starting when you arrive at da DC airport or train/bus station! Please Don’t get anywhere in da Washington, DC area unfamiliar alone even if invited.  Tell others where you are going, when you plan to return, and the full name/s phone number and physical description of da contact person/s.  Take a few folks with you.  If you sense something wrong it often IS!  Now ain’t da time to be a doubting thomasinah or thomas.  Trump supporters play quick & dirty, some of them ARE dangerous.  For some strange complicated reason these people seem to possesess an intense hatred of women or ANYTHING feminine or butch women.  Don’t leave opened beverage containers unattended or accept homemade food from folks with whom you feel uncomfortable.  Please LISTEN for instructions from da WomensMarch personnel there WILL be  thousands of them throughout da marchers and along da entire route. they will be wearing something identifiable  be T-shirts and arm bands etc which will CLEARLY ID them.  The WomensMarch are WELL organized and  they’ve got your backs.   Please check da site often throughout da day.  If possible download da FREE WomensMarch app either for iOS or Android FREE smartphone version Becsuse things can suddenly change up. BE PREPARED. 

You, who live in the Washington DC area you can also show your support by (only if you are comfortable), opening your homes to da folks who came to DC from out of state who are here on da frontlines marching or getting out there and marching with us.  Meet up with NoFascistUSA people at McPherson located Square I & 15th NW in Washington, DC EVERYDAY at 4PM EST.   Please spend a little of time by sharing this information with your family, friends, etc … the more people talking about and saying No to Trump/Pence Fascist regime!  Most likely some of you will get pissed-off enough to start marching. Please go to

Go to
find your US Representative. Here is a direct link to a FREE PDF titled “The Invisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda“written by Congressinal staff insiders:

This guide gives you da play-by-play on how to effectectively communicate with your US Representives in a way that will get results.  Download it then form a small group to study da guide.  Once you all thoroughly boned-up on da information, then get busy.  Organize a dedicated group then CONSISTENTLY LEAN on your US Representative ! They are career politicians who wanna make it back to that nice cushy gig in DC. Thus they wanna keep their constituents happy in their hometown! They are gonna LISTEN! Take back your POWER. We da people OWN da government!  Get their attention on their social media. When they fuck up, by NOT voting against any of Trump’s plans or “missing” one too many key votes, put ’em on eblast. These aren’t hour wage earner.  Your US Representatives are WELL paid career politicians getting large salaries for their jobs which high-end Cadillac-benefits, whether they are “Present” or “Absent” in voting for or against a bill.  Make them EARN that large salary! Go onto their personal site and obtain their contact information and calendar.  Call and visit their local office as well as their DC office.  Get on their mailing lists. Study their short biography thats posted on their personal site. Learn about what issues are important to them and use that information to Your advantage.  Share and post their contact information with everyone you know or don’t know on physical bulletin boards in local public spaces and online forums.  Become a “pest” and “a thorn in their sides.” for justice!  When they show up to kiss da babies and other Don’t-I-look-good photo? ops, put da HARD questions to them!  “What are you doing to keep Trump from acheiving his distardly agenda?Keep asking them those same questions until Trump & crew are gone!  And keep up with their performance in DC, by entering their name at  Hold them ACCOUNTABLE!  If they continue to blow you off at their office, take note then find and publish their HOME address and park yourselves there!  Fire them by voting them out of office! Vote someone else in, if they don’t do right!  Tell ’em you have a long memory and WILL remember their behavior come their next time up for re-election.  Hell, still don’t like ANY of ’em?  Then run for an Elected Official  position yourself!  We need like-mind socially AWARE folks serving in political office not burned-out career politicians many who are there for damn PAYCHECK, power, connections,  and Cadillac benefits!

It AIN’T da other ass-backward way around where crooked-ass wealthy white male thieving misogynistic fascists racists Christian fundamentalist nut-jobs who have hijacked da White House, bought lofty US government positions, and greedily snatched up both US Houses which are majority republican, get to run rough-shod over da backs of Americans and we just bow low, faces in da dirt, on hands and knees,  bare asses-up to be reamed by these shady dirty bastards without da lube!

Folks we are in this battle of justice for da LONG HAUL.  Getting these assholes OUT and then cleaning up da mess they are now quickly creating is gonna take awhile!  So stay abreast of whats happening in Washington DC. Use to weed out any bullshit or fake news or ad saturated-click-bait sites. And check questionable news stories with AP sources usually reliable sources often mention an AP source or another reliable news source.  CHECK ’em ALL!  Make your voices KNOWN in internet forums share da info: No Fascist USA 4PM EVERYDAY McPherson Square I & 15th NW Washington DC their site 

People, whether you have a computer or not, arm yourselves with da power of da World Wide Web aka da Internet and using social media for activism. Take an inexpensive crash-course at your local college or community center. Or go solo and teach yourselves from a few good The Internet for Dummies or Internet for Idiots and Social Media for Dummies Twitter for Dummies/Idiots books.  Get ’em from da library.  Download “OverDrive” or similar library ebook  app.  To use da FREE app you MUST have a library card.  You can then borrow for free, ebook copies from any public library. Try not to shop or buy anything that not urgency needed except groceries and underwear.  If possible recycle and re-purpose (reuse items).  Start a neighborhood repair group then invite folks once every six months to bring their small busted items by for FREE  repair.

We da people have always had POWERFUL and MIGHTY VOICES which has long reached da ears of da Goddess/God which dwell within us, and deep connections to our Ancestors, and da Breath of DEFIANCE burning our lungs and da unrelenting Fires of JUSTICE blazing through our veins, which allows us to do this MIGHTY Work! Looking inward into that Sacred Quiet Place is where We will find da strength to weather this storm. So don’t go looking anyone be they clergy, politician, entertainer, or some other smooth-tongued fast-talker toting a bag of ten cent played-out tricks, to save us, don’t go crawling into da bottle or turning to drugs whether its big pharma’s poisons or street drugs or allowing some other monkey-ass habit to jump your back!  Get around other passionately-like minded folks who are an ACTIVE PART of da Revolution.  If this political madness driving you to chronic despair or you or already coping with psychological stessors. Get professional counseling if you need it. There is nothing wrong with therapy. I regularly see one it helps keep me grounded, sane, and focused.  

Thank you for reading.  Looking to working with you as WE continue to battle Trump and his crew of racist misogynistic fascists for Freedom and Justice.

#NoTrump #FloodDC #IllegitimatePresident #NOFascistUSA #womensmarch #IntotheStreets #Resistance #JoinDaRevolution #stopJ20


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