Open Letter to Trump Supporters aka The sTrumpettes

An Open Letter to Donald John Trump’s Supporters

Enjoy your crybaby Trump, Strumpettes while my people (which includes JUSTICE-THINKING WHITE FOLKS) and I continue to give that Fascist-ass-racist-women-hatin-orange-faced-cracker PURE-D HELL! You WANT HELL then Me and da people will BRING IT to You and your boy. Like they will January 14th through January 21th in Washington DC and ALL across da country! We are gonna SHUT IT DOWN!!! We gonna LOUDLY put da BASS in his AND in your faces ALL ACROSS da country for da next FOUR YEARS, just as you and your ilk pushed your hatred into our faces for da ENTIRE EIGHT YEARS President Barak Hussein Obama was in office and continues to do so NOW on a full-time basic!!! Now that your boy and his nasty crew of fascist freaks are stinking up DC you ALL done whipped off da fucking sheets, hauled out da guns, chains, rope, & ammo, revved up da goddamn pickup trucks, and proudly boldly flying that cracker flag. Some of you cowardly bastards, by night, are already rip-roaring throught lonely streets in huge souped-up pickups terrorizing black folks, Latinos, LBGT folks, and women. I got news for you sons, I ain’t my Black praying and marching Grandma these hands FIGHT and ain’t afraid to bust a cap or few in that ass! I damn sure ain’t afraid to go out fighting you bastards on my fucking feet. I sure won’t go alone I will TAKE You along for that rough-ass ride all da way! By supporting him You’ve ALREADY told me and the goddamn world that RACISM is ok, MISOGYNY is ok, profiling MUSLIMS because of how they pray and worship is fucking ok, GRABBING WOMEN by their private parts is ok, LYING about ANYTHING and damn near EVERYTHING is ok, not HONORING one’s WORD is ok, threatening to ASSASSINATE a sitting US Senator is ok (Well after all she’s just a “old a tired looking WOMAN), condoning the BEATING of LGBTQI people beacuse of whom they chose to LOVE is ok, talking SHIT to leaders of sovereign countries is ok, DISCRIMINATING in housing against black people is ok, that being a thin-skinned crybaby who VICIOUSLY ATTACKS the character of anyone whom dares to stand up to his punkass is ok, NOT PAYING your damn employees and contractors on time or at all is ok, NOT PAYING your taxes is ok, OPPRESSING Black folks is ok! MOCKING a disabled reporter is FUCKING ok! Yeah dude go ahead send me your addy so I can mail you your fucking pillowcase and sheet set! Because Walmart is having a WHITE sale! Just like that orange-faced fool who stole da White House from da people you ALL ARE SCUM. Da gloves have come OFF I am THROUGH with being civil with you downlow racist peckerwood sTrumpetes! Goddess knows I’ve tried to understand your fucked-up psyches as to WHY would anyone in their right mind would yank-it for Trump/Pence! But your racial and misogynistic ugliness has debrided my heart and psyche of ANY compassion towards ANY of You! I’ve removed da SAFTEY PIN and left it in da fucking street! Because as a gender-fluid Black person I gotta deal with your escalating hatred and its associated bullshit everytime I fucking WAKE UP be it; online, when I leave my home, on da bus, on da streets, in da shops, at da doctor’s office, or even when I’m dealing with call center folks on da damn PHONE!!! You ASSHOLES have bought this shit about! You’ve unleashed a MONSTER on da world! Da fall-out from this jackass’s antics on da world’s stage will come back to bite you in da nuts and ass. His mouth is rapidly writing checks his ass ain’t thinking about covering! He’s ALL fur coat and no drawers! The emperor ain’t wearing no damn drawers. He’s just a cheap
Chinese-made fur coat, that’s yo boy trump!!! The strong winds of criticism hits him and he’s shreds all over da damn place, losing his damn mind having conniption fits! You will regret da day you pulled that fucking lever! You might as well pulled da trigger of an actual gun. Because I hold You and EVERY sTrumpette who pulled that lever responsible for trump’s actions. As far as I’m concerned You Trump voters are GUILTY of any HATE crimes that ocurrs ANYWHERE in this country while that fool is on post! You just couldn’t handle da idea of an highly intelligent charismatic articulate biracial BLACK President and his classy strong beautiful, INTELLIGENT, independent thinking Black wife to whom he’s been married to going on 23 years! Whom was not only elected once but TWICE, by a damn landslide! His family life is drama-free. You racist haters just couldn’t let it lay. You can ALL take the express A-train to straight to hell with Putin’s punk-boyfriend trump at da wheel!

#ByTheTimeWeGetToDC #NOTOFASCISM #MerlyStreet #NoTrumpPence #NoTrump #FuckTheSafetyPin #NOFascistUSA #WeWillNotBowDown


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