Goddess Ain’t Happy With You All and She’s Showing It!

Mama Goddess is not happy about what has happened to da Black Queens and Her Princesses. Until She has retaken her rightful place upon not only Her “Throne” in Africa but Her place of EQUALITY right here in amerikka there will be no end to black men being oppressed by da white man! HerStory was not only hijacked by Europeans and others. It was FIRST stolen by many envious, prideful arrogant treacherous African males whom couldn’t bear da thought of having to acknowledge female leadership let alone a female deity! They’ve not only over thrown her leadership. They’ve sold her and her children into SLAVERY! Until then, there will be NO peace or harmony between the black female and male. Because when that first slave ship left the shores of the Motherland that bond was forever severed and da trust breached. Is it possible to repair the breach? Yes, its possible. Only if da Blackman submits his ego to da Her gentle hand of humility. From Africa to Amerikkka Black men must FIRST admit the role that their male ancestors played in da oppression and abuse of Black women and girls. Until then da black on black crime rate will only escalate. Last year’s Chicago’s crime wave was nothing, da violence will spread across da land, da police shootings will increase, da poverty rate will increase expontetially. Minister Farrakhan, Revs Jesse Jackson, Al “da Shark” Sharpton, even Bishop Dr. Yvette Flunder can’t help ’em. More famous people suddenly passing away. Da crazy weather patterns will become more unpredictable, more Her-rricanes, wildfires, and tornados, interruptions in da World Wide Internet and banking systems (this time blame China & Russia, North Korea), suddenly an hour or more of wintery cold in da summer, summery hot in da winter, flash floods, farmers losing crops to pestilence, Amerikkka will be trying to buy grain from other countries but NO deal, unrest with North Korea, Iran, Russia, Iraq, and a few others will declare war against Trump, strange diseases cropping up, no cures for the ones they already have! People suddenly going berserk in da streets, at the workplaces, church houses, men killing their entire families, mass unemployment, fights breaking out on da buses, planes, shops, and on da streets, Wall Street takes a brutal hit and never recovers, people cracking under da stress and anger. Civility will giving way to down-right nastiness. Vigilantism will be the new rule of law in some parts of da country. Mama will wipe ’em ALL off from da face of da earth if She must! All of sudden there will be a slow down in new technology, science, medicine, and innovations here in Amerikkka. It will be a DARK PERIOD akin to the Dark Ages. Read your HisStory books every worm MUST turn. To DIE is to be Reborn. Da circle must complete itself, amerikkka You are NOT exempted from that process! Every nation has experienced it BUT amerikka! Now because of your jack-booted egregious actions throughout da world and da horrific abuse of even its own citizens, Black slavery and continual oppression of Black people, corporate corruption, unimaginable sexual depravity including human trafficking and prostitution (NOT speaking of LGBTQI folks), Frankenstein food that killing da people instead of nourishing them, raping da Earth, First Nations geniocide, abuse of women, Elders, and children, … She now has amerikka by da throat and is slowly squeezing. This country will become da mockery of da world. Soon White Amerikkkans will be embarrassed to travel abroad because they will be openly ridiculed. Because other Brown and Black folks will assume that ALL white people are guilty of voting for Trump. She’s extremely angry with the Catholic Church! Their time is coming when they MUST open the vaults. The mysteries of Africa are in those vaults! She isn’t pleased with preachers and clergy playing god, church, and being gatekeepers because such foolish behavior She’s been shutting down places of worship turning and them into libraries, restaurants, museums, and night clubs. Because da clergy has shut Her out! They’ve literally erased Her out of their liturgy, their minds, hearts, and Souls and songs. They’ve tried to turn Her into some crone-like cartoon caricature depicted slanging bloodied severed chicken heads and headless chickens while chanting some congered up spooky shit standing over a huge black boiling caldron with flames licking up its bulging sides! That bullshit started in your corrupted book of lies da torah! We shall discuss that at another time. Da hour is late. The next 33 months will be very busy indeed! Those 33months will be only da Preamble … to a MAJOR SHAKE UP.

Da Black Woman holds a Sacred space with Goddess Fuck with Her you are trifling with something WAY Bigger than her.

Here are a couple of reading suggestions: “Mami Wata Africa’s Ancient Goddess Unveiled” Vol l & ll by Mama Zogbé.
“The Great Cosmic Mother” by Barbra Mör (this book is from a Latina & European perpective but it execllent writing. These two books will help set da record straight!)

GODDESS IS RISING. She isn’t taken anyone along for da ride!


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