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Breaking It Down

Markitza: The Search For Truth


I have an eminent desire to understand gender dysphoria and why people go to the extreme they do, in order to alter their bodies and live out a need they have, and express it as life or death.   I have known a lot of people with disabilities working as an Occupational Therapist, people who deal with real physical and emotional pain beyond their altruistic nature, yet they adapt, work towards improvement and accept their disabilities.

In retrospect, I can only go by the years I lived in the LGB community where the T was none existent or did not create such noise that their cause trumps over all. We had female impersonators, gay men who were very feminine, then you had the cross dressers who on occasion would venture out and fit right in the gay crowd, but transsexuals were not well known or seen. You had the few…

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Why I Battle The Trans Community?

Markitza: The Search For Truth


I have been around trans women, and trans men since 2004, many live interactions, as well as online communication. I have dated, had close friends  who are trans and I have even gone across the continent to meet one. As much as many in this community feel that their situation is different and that I can’t speak for us all, I say you are right your situation seems unique to you, but it’s the same script with a change of a few lines, according to the age of the person in question. What does not change is the suffering we cause in our lives and the lives of others. With each passing day and procedures, we tend to want to be the victim and blame everyone and their mother for what is wrong with us, but the bottom line is we don’t want to be responsible and need to escape…

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Transgender Activist Dana Rivers Arrested for Brutal Murder of Lesbian Couple and Their Son


Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff's Department) Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff’s Department)

Noted transgender activist Dana Rivers was arraigned Tuesday on charges of committing a brutal triple homicide in Oakland, California in the early hours of Friday, November 11. The victims have been identified as lesbian couple Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Toto “Benny” Diambu-Wright.

Rivers allegedly stabbed and then shot the victims in their home, which he then set ablaze in an attempt to destroy evidence. Rivers was apprehended while attempting to flee the scene of the crime on Reed’s motorcycle. He was covered in their blood.

Police state Rivers made statements confessing to the crime. He was arraigned without bail on charges of triple homicide, arson of an inhabited dwelling, and possession of metal knuckles. He faces life without possibility of parole, and potential death sentence.

Rivers’ motive is unknown. The Mercury News reports: “Authorities have not released a motive but have…

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