Wow The Journey Takes A Turn

Markitza: The Search For Truth

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It seems like forever since I last wrote a blog. I am happy to report that after much searching and hitting several brick walls, Lynna and I finally found a place to call our home. I am originally from Florida, but since the last 2 years I have been away, so much has changed, and that includes the rental situations. The soaring prices and scams made it almost impossible to rent a place, we ended up staying in hotels paying exuberant prices in areas that were less than acceptable and found ourselves almost rethinking our move.

For starters we had to rent a storage to place our belongings in fear of having our car vandalized and after a typical down pore and weather system, our little Trixie (we named our car I know, lol)  got soaked due to the compromised rubber seals from the carrier we had placed on her…

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