Detransitioning, Now What?

Markitza: The Search For Truth


Since last November, I reconnected with feelings that started back in May of last year and then finally I proceeded with my detransition process. So many  of you may ask what now, how can you undo all of the changes you created? Will you get breast implants, and how will you get rid of your beard and body hair? Will your hair grow back? These are just a few of the questions I have gotten from those that know me, and to be honest they have also hovered over my mind as well.  It took 6 months from me to change from Maritza to Mark, hormone therapy took 3 months and I had a full blown beard, my body hair sprouted just like that wonderful Christmas present most do not want, you know the one, the Shia pet. My voice although always deep when I was living as a female…

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