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She Is A Woman

MarkAngelo: The Search For Truth


As humans and our limited ability to understand things beyond our human senses and comprehension, we tend to categorize people by that factors and characteristics we have been taught to use. We limit our world by words and concreteness which in fact only allows us to understand a very small portion of the world we live in. Our brains have not developed to their full capacity and our beliefs are still rather infantile and it shows by our behavior here on planet earth.

One of the reasons I did a 180 on many of my views regarding trans issues, was the way my wife Lynna was being treated. First by the trans community when she started questioning things after her severe car accident, and recently by radical feminists. When Lynna was recuperating from her accident, she was doubting her self in many ways and  feared that she was not going…

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The Butterfly

Lynna's Life

I am truly amazed at how many people want to spend their valuable time telling me who and what I am. I am a trans woman and I have had deal with all kinds of naysayers and doubters out there for a very long time. Whether they be a former spouse, former friends, former work mates, feminists who feel that their womanhood is threatened or even Bible-thumpers who want to tell me how much of an abomination that I am. People can say what they want to say. They can shove biological reasoning at me all day long but that does not change me one bit. I am not crazy and I full well understand what I have been through. The cool thing about it is that you don’t have to live my life, I get to. My own innate awareness of my gender and sex is very well understood…

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