Book review of “Complications: A Doctor’s Love Story” by Linda Gromko MD

It doesn’t get any “realer” than this.  Dr. Gromko has bared her heart and wrote from her soul.  

I cried and laughed as i read the book.  Dr. Gromko doesn’t just write; she uses words as an artist would use paints to create a masterpiece which drew me in … I feel I was there with her, Steve, Brita, Carole, Barb, Tim, experiencing their triumphs, fears, stress, self-doubts, unbridled love, joy, … as they “rode the mad roller coaster” of end stage renal failure.  
She has de-mystified kidney disease making it easy for the lay person to understand, by taking us with her and Steve behind the scenes of doctor appointments, kidney dialysis centers, emergency rooms, and ICU (intensive care unit).
In the midst of their struggles I experienced the humanity, strength, loving devotion, and vulnerability of all those involved in this memoir.
If you aren’t moved by this sincere work to take better care of yourself then I don’t know what else will do. 
After I finished reading I was moved to make a few changes in regards to my health.  Hence I’ve quit drinking, increased my exercise, and reduce my sodium intake.  
I hope that after reading this book that those of you whom are living with diabetes, high blood pressure, or kidney disease will do the same.  Please go see your primary care provider and get help.  You are not alone, your health care providers are there to help you to manage those illnesses.
And please consider becoming, either a living donor or indicate on your driver’s license or state issued ID that upon your death that you want your organs donated.  In doing so you will be making a beautiful different in someone’s life. 
For more information on kidney disease please call The National Kidney Foundation at 1.800.622.9010
or on the web at 
The book can be purchased online at Amazon. 
Thank you for reading. 

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