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Open Letter to the Haters of Bishop Yvette Flunder 

Dear Haters,

Bishop Yvette Flunder has been my Bishop and Pastor for the past eleven years.  Because of her love, compassion, and brilliant teaching I now have a healthy WHOLE relationship with my Creator.  I am now FREE from the terror of religious-psycho-terrorism which was inflicted upon my psyche by woefully misinformed biblical-literalists.  

With THAT said…

Ain’t none of you haters or your god are going to silence my Bishop with your lame scare tactics.  She has survived much worse!  Same-gender marriage is here to STAY. Keep your mouths off of Bishop Yvette Flunder! 

She has done more good in the world than all of you haters thrown together. How many of you are willing to catch a bullet, be ostracized, endure angst-ridden nights, loose income.. for the cause of freedom, equality, and justice?  Its very easy to talk yang-yang from behind a keyboard ensconced within the safety of your home or office.  But this courageous woman is out on the FRONT LINES dealing with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the ravages of the crack and meth epidemic, homelessness, and LGBTQI issues face-to-face!

To those of you who foolishly assume she is doing this work for money.  Justice work doesn’t carry a good retirement plan, just ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!  Money didn’t stop the bullets. Money didn’t give her comfort during those long angst-filled sleepless nights, dried her tear-stained eyes, prayed for her, given her succor during moments of disappointment or sadness, offered her uplifting words of encouragement during those moments of self-doubt, given her wise counsel during those uncertain moments.  Her strong faith, fierce passion, tenacity, and her wife of 30 years are the reasons she has weathered the stormy seas of justice work.

If god was anything like yourselves we all would be damned including ALL of YOU to your imaginary hell. Bishop Yvette Flunder has the COURAGE, BOLDNESS, and TENACITY to challenge head-on religious hatred and oppression with grace, intelligence, love, and dignity. Biblical literalists such as yourself are the reason we have rampant corruption and violence in the world be it; abuse of children and women, corporate greed gone wild, colonization of indigenous lands, over population, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, mass genocide, blatant exploitation of natural resources, slavery, etc … if you would bother to do the research, you would see that ALL of the chaos thats occurring in the world goes back to religion. 


Fortunately, haters such as yourselves are of a dying breed. Its the dawn of a new a beautiful day. Because people such as yourself and your imaginary bogeyman god are quickly becoming passé!  People are quickly realizing that God CAN NOT and WILL NOT be contained within an ancient set of books.  God isn’t stagnant nor archaic.  Draconian “laws and rules” aren’t of God, primitive men created them to terrorize and control those whom he couldn’t handle.   The pages of history were written with the blood of those whom, like Bishop Flunder, dared to question and fight against those pernicious laws and belief systems.  

God is Love, Grace, and Peace which shall NOT be locked in a box or conscripted to canons. 

God is still speaking, … Perhaps you all should listen.

HarloweRayne Ettevy Thunderword-Cohen 🌀
Seattle, Washington